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Dog Named Blues at Stormy's
New Year's Eve 2000
Add an open letter from gt76man;

Thanks guys,

     That was the most fun I have ever had playing on New Years Eve! 
Stormy's was a sardine-can from the moment we walked in!  I got to do
the countdown to midnight (my first time as Emcee)!  Wolly Bully was
rockin'.  I can't believe the number of people that place could hold. 
Must've taken 5 minutes to squeeze through the crowd to the bathroom. 

My birthday cake in the form of a "76 onion" was excellent, thank you baker
Campbell and little Peanut!  And Gus' birthday cake in the form of a
bloodshot eye was excellent as well!  Here is a link to the setlist as
best I recall.  I am not really sure where Wooly Bully, Fire and Women
were but I was really in full party mode after midnight.  hahahahaha. 

I don't know how we can top that one but we have got a year to work on it. 

Thanks again from the most modest of birthday boys, 


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*-Stormy's illustration byDylan Hillerman

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