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Supernatural Anaesthetists
Genesis tribute band   -  Los Angeles, CA
webpage by gt76man
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I recieved this email from Brian Holt, keyboardist for the Supernatural Anaesthetists:
Friends of the Supernatural Anaesthetists and fellow Genesis fans:

Thanks to all who made the trek to the Sunset Strip last night to see us at
the Roxy. We apologize for the shortened set. The club was in many ways not
what we expected. Most importantly, they were very strict about the length of
our set, and made the change from 1 hour to 45 minutes at the last instant.
This misunderstanding will not happen again. Thanks again to all who showed.

We will be playing again at Scruffy O' Sheas in Marina Del Rey on Friday,
October 29. At this point we are playing for 1 hour. However, we will be
working with the management to try to increase that to 90 minutes. More on
that later. Visit our website for info on the club, etc. at <A
HREF="">Rael's World</A>

We are getting closer by the day to having a real shot at performing the
complete Lamb Lies Down on Broadway as a full theatrical show with props,
multimedia effects, etc. We have investors at the ready, and the OK from Hit
and Run Music to do the show. After a few minor legal requirements have been
met, the potential producers of the show will begin the task of bringing it
to life. More on that, as the weeks pass. Needless to say, we are excited
about this.

This will be my last e-mail transmutation to you all, as "Squonkhead" is
taking a break from his correspondence duties. Shaun Guerin will be the
answer man from this point onward. He will keep you informed of upcoming
shows and further Lamb developments. Look for another show sometime in March
of 2000, if not before.

Thanks for supporting this project! We enjoy playing the music for ourselves,
but it is always a treat to know that someone else is getting the same
satisfaction. And of course, thanks to GENESIS for creating this wonderful
musical landscape. Travelers we all are to it's magical realms!

Brian Holt
Keyboards, the Supernatural Anaesthetists

* * * thank you Brian and good luck * * *
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