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Rusty Winter Tournament 2000
Holly Carburetor interview from Victory lane
Race 1,  Lowe's Motor Speedway  11-18-00
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Victory lane;

Holly Carburetor - Great race!

gt76man - Man there was a lot of bumping and grinding early on.  Cars were real loose on the starts.  We just tried to stay out of trouble because we knew we had the car to beat.  I have to thank my new teammate, John Hoover, here at Two Old Prix Racing.  John gave me his Lowe's setup and I immediately starting turning 182s.  An improvement over my setup of over 1 MPH.  I know that does not sound like a lot but in this competitive field it was the difference today.

Holly Carburetor -You almost hit the wall on lap 54 when you came up on Sweet Willy.

gt76man - Yeah, I know'd that he was many laps down and struggling and as I approached I was very careful.  He was down on the apron going into turn 3 then came up on the track and almost hit the outside wall, I was thinking of going below him but he came down off the wall and started towards the bottom of the track, just then he got in my groove and decided to stay there, I had to take evasive action so as to not ram him in the rear, I almost saved it but I clipped the wall.  I got a little damage that slowed me a bit, but everyone had some damage so I know I was okay.

Holly Carburetor - The Rusty Winter Tournament is a showcase for the upcoming year.  What improvements can we look forward to?

gt76man - Well, most of us will be embarking on our 2nd year of online racing.  I have seen great improvement in our drivers.  Most notable Raven_7, Bill Boyd.  I think Bill has developed into a bona fide force to deal with next season.  These open setups are more challenging but you have room to maneuver during the races.  And the Rusty tournament will give some of us drivers the opportunity to taste victory!

Holly Carburetor - Thank you and good luck with the rest of the Rusty Winter Tournament.

gt76man - Thank you Holly.

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