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Hello All,
    The upcoming tournament will be run with A FIELD OF TWENTY CARS , as long as six of us living breathing drivers
show up.
    Attached you will find the  'multi.lst'  that will be used. Simpy replace your current multi.lst with the one I have included
with this update.
   Once you have done this, simply go to driver info and move the car you will be driving up and into the topmost [first]
position on the list.
   Upon doing this, there should be  SIX[6]  regular drivers and then  fourteen[14]  AI cars listed.
   The AI cars are all numbered in the 100s.
   If AFTER moving your car into the first position, there are MORE THAN six regular drivers cars listed before reaching
the AI cars, simply move that additional car down below the AI cars.
   There will be different AI racing percentages used for the different type of tracks being run. The numbers are being
determined at this time. Our goal is to make the AI cars competitive but not overly so.
   The AI drivers will be treated as if they are live online racers as far as crashing them out of a race is concerned or in the
awarding of race points. If an AI car wins the championship[ not likely ], its winnings will go towards the server fund.
   If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact me at the address below.
See you at the Track,
Bill Boyd
NOSCAR Deputy Commisioner