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   This Recap is of our rumble at Rockingham. 10/21/2000
   We had a field of 10 enter this race. Going into turn three of the first lap the #44 car of Skip tapped Mike's car from the rear. The 44 car was noticably warping prior to this contact. The #9 car din't seem adversly affected by the contact and continued. After the 44 car went high on the track, John Hoover in his #23 cruised by on the inside. It appeared that the 44 and 23 may have touched coming off of the corner ever so slightly. Warp is indicated. The 44 car contacted the ouside wall on the frontstretch. Glenn came cruising by on the inside. When the two cars were abrest of each other the 44 car just disappeared. Elementary my dear Watson, warp is the culprit here. All of these problems relagated Skip to the rear of the field. Sorry Skip. The 44 car proceeded to the pits. When he exitted he was 3 laps down.
   Up front a group of four cars led the way, with Luc leading, Will second, Ed third and Bill bringing up the rear of the pack. Trailing closely behind was Joe and Willy.
   During a post race interview with NRNs lead correspondent , Rusty Tailpipe, Bill indicated the observation of some warp with the 24 car running in third. Apparently Bill had decided not to force anything early in the race due to the warp. He dicided to cruise and wait for a safe opening.
   Coming onto the frontstretch on lap 5 the #51 car simply disappeared from its second place position and then reappeared far up ahead with a substantial lead. WARP. In the meantime Ed's car was twisting sideways in front of Bill. Luc began to pull away. Willy had been able to close up on the #7 car. Cruising time was over. Warp or no warp Bill decided that he had to get around the #24 car of Ed. Coming out of turn two on lap 9, Ed seemed to bobble just a bit and Bill was able to get a run on him down the backstretch. The 7 car pulled alongside and then past him going into turn three. Both cars were able to hold their respective lines and Bill cleared the 24 car on turn exit. Ed attempted to come back by him on the inside coming off of the turn. Ed's car suddenly veered right and into and then through the 7 car of Bill. WARP. Darn it , Bill was afraid of this. It wasn't Ed's fault. It wasn't Bill's fault. Warp, I hate warp. Ed was able to continue on but the 7 car spun around and around and around. Surprisingly, it didn't strike the inside wall and was able to get moving again, although damaged. I couln't tell if Ed's car was damaged. The remainder of the field sped by Bill in his hapless car. The leader eventually came by and put him a lap down. Mike was shown two laps down. Don't know why. I suspect that heavy warp messes with the simulation in some way.
   Despite the heavy warp display, the field then settled down into some good give and take green flag racing. This continued until lap 30 when Glenn came off of turn four wide and tagged the outer wall. It could have been warp. Not sure. Warp was definately displayed when he struck the wall. A closely following #9 barely missed the #76 when it came across the track and into the inner wall. Glenn was able to continue but seemed slower.
   On lap 38 while in the middle of turn three Willy's car seemed to turn 45 degrees to the right, disappeared, reappered up against the wall on the front stretch. The 25 car then came to a halt just right of center on the frontstretch. Joe subsequently came around and had slight contact with the stranded car. Joe was able to contiue. Several had to swerve to miss the car. A caution ensued and the remaining field pitted.
   The race restarted on lap 41.     1st.     Lil_E
                                                      2nd.   Dan1312
                                                      3rd.    rainbo24
                                                      4th.    MadMax51
                                                      5th.    Old_JH          1L
                                                      6th.    Mike              1L
                                                      7th.    Bill                2L
                                                      8th.    Glenn            3L
                                                                Willy             OUT
                                                                Skip              OUT
   On lap 41 the #51 car suddenly appeared and struck the 76 car and sent him into the outer wall. WARP. On lap 43, Glenn, John and Will tangled on the front stretch. I suspect warp at work again. Not sure.
   On lap 51 Will's car suddenly turn into Ed's car and forced it into the outer wall. The #51 car disappeared. Ed was able to continue. At the time of this occurance the 51 car was shown in third position. A few seconds later he reappeared up ahead in the lead. This is obviously bogus. Warp. A couple of times I watched as cars gained upon the 51 car and then when they got close it would disappear and reappear a quater lap ahead of them.
   On lap 72 Joe apparently lost his connection. Sorry Joe.
   The remainder of the race ran green with no further incidents. Warp wasn't noticed as much either. Mike attempted to make a run on Luc for second in the last ten laps but Luc was able to hold him off.
   This race was marred by serious warp occurances. Despite this, it was a clean race with a lot of give and take. There really weren't very many cautions when all the warp is taken into account. Good job guys. We all did our best. Hopefully the warp monster will be absent in our next race.
   I've given some thought as to why we had such an unusually high warp occurances in this race and to a lesser degree in the past few races.
   I think we need to ensure that we ALL have the latest NOSCAR carfiles. If there are differences, it COULD cause some of the warp. Please download the current updated carfile from Mike's download page. Make sure you are signing in for the race properly. Your car should be the topmost car in you MULTI file. When you enter you car, type it in, don't select it from the list. Example, I type in  multi7 for my car. Most or all of you may know this. If you do fine. Just ignore it and continue doing it the correct way.There are some things we have no control over, like the number of hops a signal has to make to and from our server to each of our computers. But , there are some things we can do and control. I will compile and send out an email to aid us all to possibly obtain the best connections we can.
   This is my last race recap as the NOSCAR BGN Division Director. I hope we have all learned something through my recaps. I have. If you haven't, I hope you were entertained a little. Good luck Bill with the BGN Division.
William Boyd
NOSCAR Deputy Commissioner
WC Divison/Race Director
Rules Chairman