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Welcome to gtman's Racing pages
 last updated Sept. 25, 2000
gt76man is racing in both the
Winston Cup and  Busch Grand National series of NOSCAR.
Check on his progress by clicking the league below:    NOSCAR   Cup  and  BGN standings

Glendo returns to racing at Dover!!!
After 9 long weeks Glendo returned to racing at Dover Downs Wednesday night (9-27).  He qualified 10th out of 17 racers but got in an early wreck that put him down 3 laps and in 17th place.  From there Glendo perservered and with just 20 laps remaining he climbed into the Top10 for the first time!  He gained one more position to finish 9th.  Glendo said,  "I am very happy with the Top10 finish.  It has been way to long a-comin'."

Glendo heats up for summer

     Glendo is on a hot streak in July collecting two 2nds, two 3rds and a fourth in his last 5 races, including a great race at Pike's Peak International Raceway Saturday night.  Glendo ran down the leader Dan Johnson, but was unable to pass the points leader.  Still, Glendo said he felt this was the strongest race he has had all season.  Glendo has 2 wins this year, however, in both he needed some luck to win.
     Glendo is getting stronger as the season progresses and decided to leave the CCCRL which races on Friday nights.  Glendo feels his time can be better spent working in NOSCAR's Cup and BGN series.

Sears Point Raceway
Glendo finishes 3rd at Sears Point in both NOSCAR and CCCRL leagues.  Glendo states that he feels comfortable at his home track.  Sears Point is a short drive from Glendo's home town.

Week  10 - NOSCAR Cup
Glendo Calryssian captures his first victory in the NOSCAR Winston Cup series.
California Motor Speedway was the site of this race.  The race was run caution free until the last 4 laps.  Glendo used tire management and a huge dose of luck as he decided to stay on the track while Gary and Dan pitted for fresh tires and gas for a 1 lap dash for the checkered flag.  However, the race stayed yellow, which gave Glendo the win.

Week 2 - CCCRL
Week 2, CCCRL at Rockingham:  A caution filled race found most drivers several laps down by the end of the race.  TFT was the dominate car and finished the race as the only car on the lead lap.  Glendo Calryssian finished a lap down in 2nd place despite receiving a black flag on lap 4 and going a lap down. for pictures from Rockingham click here

Week 2 - NOSCAR Cup
Week 2, NOSCAR Cup at Rockingham:  Lee42Lee raced Hejlik52 for the final 80 laps with Lee42Lee winning by 2 car lengths.  Glendo could not keep up with those 2 drivers but had enough power to finish third.  Eagle took the lead on lap 56 but spun out and crashed into the rear pit road wall.  KevWort managed a 5th place finish.

Glendo wins first Busch race at Daytona
   Glendo Calryssian wins the first Busch race at Daytona in the NOSCAR BGN League.     A field of 9 drivers took the track.  Several cautions marred the early running, however, Glendo took advantage of the cautions to fine tune his Race2Win 76 Pontiac.  When a long green flag session started Glendo ran for the checkered.  Unfortunately, he was going to come up several laps short on gas.  With 5 laps to go he hit pit road for a splash of gas then back on the track.  Stan (gaffer17) was bearing down on Glendo and caught him with 2 1/2 laps to go.  Stan tried to get under Glendo at the start/finish line with 2 to go but pushed up and tapped the rear quarterpanel of Glendo.  Stan spun, Glendo shimmied but kept control and went on for the victory.
After the race Glendo exclaimed "That's racing the way it ought to be!"
and his ever popular, "If you're gonna race, Race2Win !!!".

pictures of Team Tye-Dye drivers

Archives: Feb 19, 2000 - The Cyber Coast to Coast Racing League raced it's Daytona 500 Friday night.  We had a great connection thanks to 29Ice.  It came down to an eight lap shootout between Dale13, Ted Golf Wiz, Zombie26, Busch Calryssian, and Eagle.    Dale13 and Zombie26 had a breakaway.   Dale and Zombie raced neck-n-neck all the way to the finish line with Dale13 nosing out Zombie26 for the win!   Busch fell back to 5th at the green flag but got by Eagle with 6 to go and Ted with 3 to go to claim third place.
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